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What content marketers can learn from Charles Dickens

Posted by: Dan Fielder, Sticky Content

With all the fuss about Dickens's centenary last year, I belatedly took to reading a few more of the great man's novels and a couple of the biographies.

I was quickly struck by how modern a writer Dickens was in many ways, and how many of the challenges he faced resonate with content writers today, forced to come up with original and compelling ideas to feed the great Google beast.  Read more »

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7thOct 2013

Avoiding 'Innovation Debt': The Creative Apocalypse

Posted by: Mallory Mabe, Marketing and Communications Executive, Adobe

At the recent CMA Breakfast Briefing with Adobe, David Hicks, Creative Director at Adverb in London and former Digital Editions Art Director at Future, discussed a rare topic that is crucial to the future of digital content - innovation debt: the cost that companies incur when they don't invest in their creatives and themselves. Read more »

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7thOct 2013

Paid and owned media: a match made in heaven?

Clare Hill

Posted by: Clare Hill, CMA

In recent times, the advertising industry has started to look more closely at the relationship between paid media and "owned" media or content.

Can they work together? Is one better without the other? Read more »

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3rdOct 2013

Five highly effective branded Facebook pages

Many highly profile Facebook pages tend to be about specific campaigns and how they are integrated into the network. We take a look at some great examples of how brands create compelling content to engage their fans.

Read more »

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2ndOct 2013

6 great examples of content marketing in Australia

Posted by: The CMA
The Australian content marketing arena is a rich and diverse one with impressive on and offline publications from a number of sources.  We take a look at the best examples.  Read more »

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25thSep 2013

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