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The pros and cons of branded communities

If you have ever tried to build a branded community on your own platform, or via an existing one like Facebook, you'll know that it can be a complex and arduous process. We take a look at who's doing it well and who should have got it right but failed.     Read more »

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18thSep 2013

How Do You Like Your Content? Depends On The Device You're Using

Posted by: Brandon Carter, Outbrain

In the fragmented, multi-screen world, content is one of the few points of convergence for the everyday consumer. From search to social to popular news and entertainment sites, content weaves its way so seamlessly into our lives it's easy to underestimate just how much of it we take in on a daily basis. Read more »

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11thSep 2013

Spacey's five lessons for content marketers

Posted by: Martin MacConnol, CEO, Wardour

Evidence that content marketing is king comes from all sorts of unlikely places - and over the summer I found it in a speech that Kevin Spacey gave at the Edinburgh Television Festival.  Read more »

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11thSep 2013

Who are you calling a guru?

Posted by: Paul Keers. White Light Media

Now, I thought I was familiar with most roles in content marketing. I've come across content specialists, content analysts and content strategists, which of course are three distinct roles (when a client is prepared to pay for them...). You have to conduct your content audit, and devise your content strategy, before you can do your content marketing. But then, into the mix, comes content engineering. Read more »

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11thSep 2013

A vast cloud of blah

Posted by: Dan Fielder, Sticky Content

At a recent industry event, I noticed people were tweeting soundbites 12 or 15 times about speeches that lasted no more than 20 minutes. All of these tweets were instantly and incessantly retweeted. No one seemed to notice or care that someone tweeting at that rate was unlikely to have had much time to think about or even really listen to what the speakers were actually saying.  Read more »

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11thSep 2013

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