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Why you should stop worrying about big data and love your consumer

Posted by: Benedict Johnson, Senior strategic planner, Story Worldwide

In the post-advertising world, many brands struggle to understand the people they're selling to and why they behave as they do. As power shifts from brands to consumers, knowing your consumer has never been more important. Even the accounting firm PwC has woken up to the fact that "every industry participant will need to invest in customer understanding and engagement." But so long as this point is couched solely in data-analytics terms, it tells only part of the story. Read more »

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10thSep 2013

Five tactics for making compelling online video

Our top 5 tactics for creating compelling video content which connects with online audiences. Read more »

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10thSep 2013

Inside guide to content marketing in South Africa

Posted by: Helena Gavera, General Manager, Cedar SA

When it comes to content marketing, South Africa is still in the early stages of the adoption curve. According to Google Trends SA, the first mention of the term was in February this year, at the Content 2013 Conference held in Cape Town by New Media Publishing. The conference certainly sparked a buzz, and a few brands and agencies are driving the concept hard with some amazing work.      Read more »

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9thSep 2013

Making the most of Facebook competitions

There are many ways to grow your brand's Facebook following. The obvious way is to create compelling regular content that will make people want to subscribe. Read more »

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4thSep 2013

New journalism techniques for content marketers

Listicles, short reads and crowdsourcing questions for interviews aren't just the preserve of online journalists. They are useful for print-based content marketing too. Read more »

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28thAug 2013

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