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Tips on using content to attract niche audiences online

Posted by: CMA

Can you use content to target a specific niche for your brand? If so how do you go about it? Read more »

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17thDec 2013

Why Google updates give content marketers the whip hand

Posted by: Neal Anderson, Publicis Blueprint

Take a Panda, a Penguin and a Hummingbird and what do you get? No, not the cast of Madagascar 4, these are the codenames for Google's search algorithm updates, which are reshaping the marketing landscape in ways that make content and storytelling even more powerful than ever before. 

Read more »

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10thDec 2013

Process: a tough nut to crack

Posted by: Dan Brotzel, Sticky Content Ltd

Businesses and brands that want to set up and sustain their own content operation face two kinds of challenge: the creation challenge and the process challenge. Read more »

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10thDec 2013

3 Reasons Your Content May Be Doomed From the Start and What To Do About It

Posted by: Brandon Carter, Marketing Manager, Outbrain

Before you create a single piece of content, it might be headed for failure. Why? The world's most interesting content does no one any good if it never finds an audience, which is why content distribution isn't just half the battle, it is the battle. And a battle it is, for at least these three reasons.   Read more »

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9thDec 2013

Don’t let the term ‘engagement’ be taken from us

Posted by: Paul Keers, White Light Media

There’s been a bit of a buzz recently, because it was discovered that paid Tweets containing an image are more successful than ones without. Wow. To me, this was akin to realising that it was more attractive if you put a picture on a postcard.   Read more »

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6thDec 2013

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