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Tips on using content to attract niche audiences online

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Can you use content to target a specific niche for your brand? If so how do you go about it? Read more »

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17thDec 2013

Launch of 2014 CMA Digital Breakfast schedule - exciting new topics added

The CMA are excited to launch the 2014 schedule for the Digital Breakfasts. New topics include - Storytelling and emotional engagement for brands, Ecommerce and conversion rate optimisation and February's Content Analytics. Find out more and book your place »

17thDec 2013

Treble triumph for Hot Rum Cow

Hot Rum Cow, the drinks magazine launched by White Light Media, has collected three awards in the past week.  Read more »

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16thDec 2013

Day in the life of...a Director of Marketing

Anthony Gaenzle is the Director of Marketing for EnVeritas Group, a content marketing firm located in Greenville, South Carolina in the United States and manages all company related marketing activities, developing and implementing the overall marketing plan and strategy for the company.

Read more »

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16thDec 2013

Event: CMA Digital Breakfast - Content Analytics - Weds 12 Feb

The first CMA Digital Breakfast of 2014 will be looking at Content Analytics and how to measure the effectiveness of branded content throughout the customer journey.  Find out more and book your place »

13thDec 2013

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