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Advertising opportunity for members in Communicate magazine

"Communicate, the leading magazine for corporate communications professionals, and one of the CMA's Affiliate members, are due to run a feature in their next issue of great relevance to CMA members.

The article will look at the growth of content in corporate communications, and in particular whether this is seeing a greater repurposing of confent between internal and external communication channels. In turn does it necessitate a need for an increase in the role in heads of content/content managers. If anyone has experience in the reuse of internal and external content or of working with heads of content can they get in touch with

In addition, Communicate magazine are also passing on an advertising discount to CMA members. Read more »

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7thFeb 2013

Tablets move from niche to mainstream channel

Posted by: Mark Rosselli, Chairman, CPL

Tablets have now become an established part of the UK digital economy - and, by extension, are now undeniably a mainstream platform for content marketing by UK brands. According to the latest survey by YouGov, conducted immediately after Christmas, more than 29% of Britain's online adults now own a tablet of some sort - and a further 7% told the pollsters that they intend to buy a tablet by the end of March. Read more »

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6thFeb 2013

The 4 rules to put Content Marketing at the heart of Digital Strategy

Posted by: Caspian Woods, Chief Content Strategist, Editions Financial.

Content marketing is growing in use. Within the next year, 51% of B2B marketers plan to increase their content marketing budgets. Read more »

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6thFeb 2013

Agencies in 2013: a survival guide

Posted by: Dan Fielder, Sticky Content

Agencies are having a tough time of it, if all this year's state-of-the-union surveys are to be believed. Almost 90% of digital and design agencies believe their clients now expect more work for less money, according to the Design Industry Voices report, for instance, while over a third of marketing services companies have suffered a decline in sales, according to Plimsoll Analysis. Read more »

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6thFeb 2013

The Seven Deadly Sins of Content

Posted by: CMA

Content marketing is booming. Just about every research report and marketer interview names content as one of the brightest stars in the marketing sky, providing brands with a fantastically effective way to reach their customers and inspire them in a way that TV or outdoor ads cannot. But thanks to its popularity, there's a glut of bad content out there, created in a whirl of panic, confusion and bad planning. Read more »

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6thFeb 2013

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