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Your starter for ten...

Posted by: Patrick Fuller, CMA

A question: what's the most important medium when it comes to capturing the attention of new customers? Social media? Great for prompting discussion and spreading the word, but people are rarely persuaded to try something new from it. Your website? Fantastic for entertainment, reference and sales, but users tend to know what they want before they go browsing. Mobile? Has its always-on advantages but branded content can still be intrusive. Read more »

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6thFeb 2013

What's new in marketing research: February

This month, we look at the booming content marketing industry in 2013, what really annoys people about targeted email campaigns, and how effective mobile marketing is still eluding the majority of big brands in the UK Read more »

6thFeb 2013

Why brands and retailers need to rise quickly to the challenge of multi-channel content

Posted by: Julia Hutchison, Group FMG

The rapid pace of change within the consumer technology sector has left many marketers struggling to keep pace. With so many different devices and channels available, making sure you are sending out consistent messaging across all your channels and effectively managing information and associated rich media assets, such as photos and videos, for all of your products is one of the biggest challenges facing marketers today. Now more than ever, brands and retailers need to think like publishers and explore their workflows, publishing tools and business models to deliver their content consistently to the right media channels at the right time... and for most these aren't necessarily skills that come naturally. Read more »

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6thFeb 2013

The year of responsive content

Posted by: Martin MacConnol, Wardour

I am starting to get slightly tired of the phrase ‘responsive design'. Read more »

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6thFeb 2013

A day in the life...Tilly Boulter, CEO, Think

Tilly combines a busy business life with being a single mum who can but try her best. She lives in north London with her two children, her two dogs and her one mother. Read more »

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6thFeb 2013

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