The year of responsive content

Posted by: Martin MacConnol, Wardour

I am starting to get slightly tired of the phrase ‘responsive design'. Read more »

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6thFeb 2013

A day in the life...Tilly Boulter, CEO, Think

Tilly combines a busy business life with being a single mum who can but try her best. She lives in north London with her two children, her two dogs and her one mother. Read more »

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6thFeb 2013

The Hyper Individual

Posted by: Richard Nicholls, The Future Foundation

I have been interested in consumer empowerment for a long time - the idea that the balance of power has been slowly shifting from companies to consumers. Technology has of course been a huge driver, as tools emerge that allow consumers to see their electricity expenditure, compare prices, track their health and home energy use- and make the best decisions (or even automate the decision making process) based on this information. Read more »

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6thFeb 2013

Brands and agencies take note magazines are trending

Posted by: Paul Keers, White Light Media

It's ironic. Just when the content industry is emphasising the number of platforms on which it operates, and just as video agencies, digital outfits and app developers are flocking under the umbrella of content marketing - the most fashionable medium seems to be print. Read more »

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6thFeb 2013

PMA's special training offers this week

Financial Journalism and Writing Reports that Get Read are two of PMA's specialist courses. We deliver them here in London, or in-house for professionals based all over the UK and abroad. Listed below are some of our latest workshops on offer from our new training centre at The Press Association. If you don't see what you need here, then take a look at our website for the full complement of PMA's courses... Read more »

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4thFeb 2013

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