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Keep your New Year's resolution to train your staff

When PMA training moved last week, they were looking through old booking forms from 20 years ago ..... and their prices have hardly changed in all that time. Just 15% - which is way below inflation for that period - proving they remain excellent value for money.     Read more »

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9thJan 2013

What's new in marketing research this month: Jan 2013

This month, we reveal the social media tools ad agencies use the most, the top fashion brands in the UK, and the state of the UK's retail entertainment sector.     Read more »

9thJan 2013

Patrick Fuller finds inspiration at the checkout of his local supermarket

Posted by: Patrick Fuller, CMA

Let me be one of the few remaining people to wish you Happy New Year. Last year was one of the most successful in our industry's history, and all signs are pointing towards 2013 being even better. Read more »

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9thJan 2013

Five technologies that could change content marketing forever

Posted by: CMA

With client brands always wanting to stand out and reach their customer in as many ways as possible, content marketing embraces new technology quicker than most. Already old hands at social media and mobile content, agencies are now looking to use the latest innovations to give their clients more distribution channels and wow-factor content. These are just a handful. Read more »

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9thJan 2013

Coca-Cola: If this is content, bring back editorial

Posted by: Paul Keers, White Light Media

When Coca-Cola announced their digital content project, Journey, they talked in terms of becoming "a quality publisher of compelling content", and providing a site where people "engage in stimulating debate". I'm sure they won't mind, therefore, if some of that debate is about Journey itself. Read more »

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8thJan 2013

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