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Coca-Cola: If this is content, bring back editorial

Posted by: Paul Keers, White Light Media

When Coca-Cola announced their digital content project, Journey, they talked in terms of becoming "a quality publisher of compelling content", and providing a site where people "engage in stimulating debate". I'm sure they won't mind, therefore, if some of that debate is about Journey itself. Read more »

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8thJan 2013

Outbrain does the Mobot

The Mo Farah Foundation, via Fifty6 Media, has partnered with content discovery solution Outbrain, to maximise online audience engagement for the innovative "Do the Mobot" campaign.  The campaign delivered 127% of its target number of clicks, and has supported the Mobot campaign in raising awareness and funds for the charity.  Read more »

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8thJan 2013

John Smigielski joins Axon Board

John Smigielski, Axon's Editorial Director for the past two years, has been appointed to the board. Read more »

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7thJan 2013

Never mind the jargon, here's the content

Posted by: Jessica Gibson, Seven

Not sure it was ever any different, but does someone need to take a stand against unnecessary jargon? This is particularly true in Content Marketing where there's enough navel-gazing already about what is or isn't content. What's really important here? Read more »

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7thJan 2013

9 content planning resolutions for 2013

Posted by: Dan Fielder, managing editor, Sticky Content

In 2013 we are all of course resolved to create more effective content. Content that's strategic, not just tactical. Content that users will value, not just feel interrupted by. Content that maps to business goals and has a chance of making a measuring difference to our engagement metrics. So here are 9 resolutions for clients and agencies to help make 2013 the year of effective content... Read more »

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4thJan 2013

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