CMA MD Clare Hill on BBC Radio 4 You and Yours

CMA MD Clare Hill was recently on BBC Radio 4 on the You and Yours Show discussing supermarket magazines.  Listen to the show here »

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18thJul 2014

CMA Summer BBQ

Last night (Wednesday 16th July) we hosted our annual summer BBQ, hosted this year at the Grange Hotel, St Paul’s. Read more »

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17thJul 2014

Is Snapchat now a legitimate content marketing platform?

Snapchat was once seen by some marketers as the successor to the briefly very successful, but much maligned Chatroulette, to a platform that may become very important in the future. Read more »

Posted in Industry News
17thJul 2014

A new golden era for journalists

Mark Jones from Cedar argues that good journalists have to look at reinventing themselves in 2014.  Read more »

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16thJul 2014

Search and the (re)emergence of quality content

Posted by Dan Davey, Progressive Customer Publishing and Content Cloud

Few insights in content marketing are as valuable as this: Google isn’t interested in you. Think about the business model of any search engine: what is its alignment of incentives? If Google is to be a credible search engine – and to turn a buck on the back of that credibility – it must play to the interests of searchers. If you’re a business shouting for attention, that’s simply not you. Read more »

Posted in CMA blog
15thJul 2014

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