Why PR companies are experimenting with content marketing

The big PR companies now clearly see content marketing as a major part of the services they offer to brands. So should more traditional content marketing agencies now see them as rivals? Read more »

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3rdJul 2014

Last chance to book for CMA Summer rooftop barbeque

Our beautiful space is almost ready for the CMA members to enjoy the sunshine, food and drink on offer. Book now to avoid disappointment. Read more »

3rdJul 2014

Digital Breakfast: Designing for digital - key design trends in desktop and mobile web

Next Wednesday's breakfast will be focussing on the fast-paced and easily changeable desktop and mobile wbe environment. Read more »

2ndJul 2014

Branding for a new era

London Wine Fair unveils its eye-catching new brand thanks to the talents of White Light Media Read more »

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2ndJul 2014

Seven flavours for your next videos: Thinking of your audience

Branded video content... Online content marketing... Advertiser-funded production... these are pretty ugly phrases for opportunities that should actually be pretty thrilling. Read more »

Posted in CMA blog
1stJul 2014

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