The 5 most common content marketing mistakes

The promise of content marketing is the astounding ability to provide value to your audience, help them find great advice and entertain them. In order to do so successfully, we need to adjust and react to insights provided by data. But in order to make those adjustments, we need to ensure that we're actually measuring the right indicators and not creating strategy based on arbitrary numbers. Read more »

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13thAug 2014

Death to… the ‘Death of the format’ format!

Posted by: Dan Brotzel, Sticky Content

We’re always reading that one content format is on its way out and another is the one to watch. But effective content is about fitness for purpose, not fashion…  Read more »

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13thAug 2014

Content and the customer journey

Posted by: Paul Keers, White Light Media

There’s a classic journey which every customer takes. It’s a sequence which goes from awareness to interest to engagement, to the completion of a sale, and then onward to loyalty and evangelism.

What’s interesting is that different marketing media, tools and approaches may be effective at particular stages of that journey – but content can play a part at every one. Read more »

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13thAug 2014

Only 3 weeks to go to the awards! Register now

On Your Marks...

The CMA International Content Marketing Awards 2014 is the biggest night in the content marketing calendar, with agencies from across the world offering up their greatest work from the past 12 months for judgement by some of the biggest names in marketing. Read more »

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13thAug 2014

Win a place at Roger Daltrey's Rock Camp with British Airways and Cedar

British Airways is ready to rock and roll this August, offering one lucky passenger the chance to live out their ultimate dream of becoming a rock star. Read more »

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8thAug 2014

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