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Seven social media campaigns we loved in 2014

In the first half of this year UK spending on social media advertising rose by 73% to £396 million, according to the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB). But advertising isn’t everything – as content marketers are very aware social media can be used to create compelling content which drives users to buy without explicitly selling. Read more »

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18thDec 2014

How to write a killer conclusion

Posted by: Rob Hayes, PCP & Content Desk 

When it comes to advice on writing copy for the web, introductions get the most attention. But what about conclusions? How you finish an article is just as important as reeling in readers as a great introduction or headline. OK, so those finishing remarks may not attract readers initially, but well-crafted, logical or even amusing last remarks can mean earning a loyal set of readers who revisit you often to read your content. Read more »

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18thDec 2014

Posted by: Jonathan Waywell, Propagator 

In the first in our ‘Dr Digital’ series, Jonathan Waywell of Propagator plays agony uncle to frustrated publishers Read more »

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17thDec 2014

Prince's Trust - World of Work Day

Posted by: Jessica Gibson, Seven

From interactive workshops to food sales, we’ve had a bumper one with our charity this month… Read more »

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17thDec 2014

Six Cedar sources of inspiration

Posted by: Maria Lamle, Cedar 

We asked the good folk of Cedar to trawl their memory banks, and identify the pieces of literature, film or popular culture that had some influence on the way they approach their work in content marketing today. The results were pleasingly wide-ranging, spurring us on to add to our reading and viewing lists. Do let us know what’s inspired you! Read more »

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15thDec 2014

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