Content Marketing must not be a Straw man

Posted by: Rob Haynes, Progressive Customer Publishing 

‘Content marketing is ruining the web. Its decline will be poetic justice.’ So rings the headline for a recent article by JR Hennessy in the Guardian. And Hennessy should know: ‘ I feed the content marketing web at a social media agency, making sure you only see what brands want you to see.’ Read more »

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21stAug 2014

Digital Breakfast: Discoverability, findability and search engine optimisation in 2014

Optimising content so that it performs well on Google and other search engines is a delicate blend of art and science.

This session will enlighten you to some of the tricks of the trade from a few leading industry professionals. Read more »

20thAug 2014

Outbrain Amplify DIY now available in the UK

The world’s largest content discovery platform Outbrain has launched their DIY level of service in the UK allowing marketers greater control of their content marketing campaigns. Marketers can now use the Amplify DIY dashboard, essentially Google Adwords for content marketing, to drive an engaged and relevant audience to their content on a pay-per-click basis. This puts Outbrain’s technology directly in the hands of content creators of all sizes – from SMEs to multi-nationals – allowing full control over discovery campaigns and budgets.  Read more »

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20thAug 2014

Five reasons to love smartphones

Posted by: Molly Haynes, Cedar

Earlier this year eMarketer predicted that there would be 1.75 billion smartphone users worldwide in 2014*. And in my job, if there’s new tech out there, from the latest mobile phone to wearable tech that helps you get in shape, I’m raring to try it out. Read more »

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20thAug 2014

WeChat...what's that?

Posted by: Sue Disler, Cedar SA

While visiting our London office in June this year, I attended a CMA Digital Breakfast. These monthly meet-ups always provide valuable insights, but the speaker who caught my attention on this occasion was Tim Green, managing editor of The Mobile View. Read more »

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19thAug 2014

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