Digital Dilemmas: does content marketing work for business-to-business as well as business-to-consumer?

Posted by: Julius Duncan, Remarkable Group in

In the battle for eyeballs and engagement in our digital and connected world, content marketing is the buzzword of the moment. Read more »

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22ndOct 2014

The London Magazine relaunches

Today, The London Magazine will relaunch, with a new emphasis on prime London property. First launched in 1991, the magazine has been published by Cedar since 1993 on behalf of CLEA Ltd (Central London Estate Agents). The magazine has been able to call on the expertise of the 46 estate agents within CLEA to produce definitive and expert commentary on the property market. Read more »

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22ndOct 2014

What the heck is native advertising?

Posted by: Duncan Reid, Immediate Media  

The content marketing world's biggest buzzphrase is more an idea than an actual format, says Immediate Media's Duncan Reid. And we've been practising it since the days of Bob Hope...
 Read more »

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22ndOct 2014

CMA Digital Breakfast takes centre stage at this years Festival of Marketing

From Facebook to Twitter through Tumblr to Pinterest, we’ve seen a wealth of social platforms emerge, offering exciting new ways to reach customers and prospects. Many savvy publishers are now making shareability a cornerstone of their content strategy. Read more »

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20thOct 2014

It's not the winning it's the taking part that counts

Posted by: Peter Dean, Seven

What this year's CMA awards shortlist says about Seven's DNA

“It’s not the winning it’s the taking part.” Yeah, right. Tell that to the Oscar also-rans who politely clap the winner to the stage and then have to endure the gushing “I’m not worthy” speech while being scrutinised in close-up. Read more »

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17thOct 2014

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