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Latest awards news, John Lewis unveils Christmas annual and The London Magazine re-launches Read more »

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17thNov 2014

Stats, facts and future trends

This month we discover the night-time shopping habits of John Lewis customers, the top-selling wearable technology, and that viewers do actually pay attention to TV ads. Read more »

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17thNov 2014

Awards Judging Done. Summit Line Up Done. Client Chemistry Meeting and Membership Meeting almost done!

Posted by: Clare Hill, The CMA 

Given the UK has been enjoying glorious sunshine maybe that’s why I can’t quite believe it’s November already! Read more »

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17thNov 2014

Tech trends and the future of travel

Posted by: Laurence Akers, Cedar 

Advances in technology affect everything we do, from shopping to banking and how we pay our bills, but perhaps the greatest impact of all has been felt by the travel industry. As platform technology and adoption progresses faster than Moore’s Law, getting around the world has never been easier – but how will this affect travel experiences in the future? Read more »

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16thNov 2014

What GamerGate means for content

Posted by: Rob Hayes, PCP 

Media news sites have been full of it or weeks – GamerGate, the almost scandal that pitches video gamers against those who write games reviews. Read more »

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16thNov 2014

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