The pros and cons of buying Twitter followers for your website

Are Promoted Accounts the best way for a brand to build up an audience for its content? Read more »

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10thJul 2014

Virgin Holidays' first ever digital magazine, produced by Future Plus, is Unleashed - for FREE!

Unleashed, the first ever digital travel magazine from Virgin Holidays, has launched for iOS and Android smart devices, in collaboration with content agency Future Plus. Read more »

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10thJul 2014

IAB Content Conference 2014

We are delighted to announce the CMA have secured a member benefits price for the IAB Content Conference 2014.

The IAB Content Conference gathers industry leaders and experts from media owners, agencies, brands and adtech companies to discuss the impact of the new age of content-led advertising on commercial models, brand planning, publishing standards and the continuing rise of digital advertising. Read more »

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9thJul 2014

Outbrain's Revised Guidelines Call On Industry to Put Reader Trust First

Leading content discovery platform releases its latest series of guidelines to further enhance user experience and combat content spam, urging rivals to follow. Read more »

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8thJul 2014

Buzzword Bingo

Posted by: Ash McCallum, Black Swan Data

Everyone loves buzzword bingo, so let’s start with ‘Big Data’… Much has been written about this topic and the term is fast heading out of fashion, largely because it’s pretty meaningless.  The notion that somehow we have the ability to solve everyone’s  problems when we finally capture all available data points, identifying the critical signals that in turn unlock the secrets of the universe, or something like that.   Read more »

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7thJul 2014

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