Content strategy for The O2

The CMA is excited to let our membership know that three CMA member agencies are at the final pitch stage to develop the content strategy for The O2. Read more »

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7thAug 2014

Content marketing media roundup

Posted by: Samantha Duff, Cedar

Every month we scour the papers and trawl the web to uncover the need-to-know content marketing news. In this next instalment we look at the brands that are setting the bar in native advertising and why content marketing is the new SEO. Read more »

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6thAug 2014

Brand membership launch

The CMA is launching Brand Membership on September 19th at the Shangri-La hotel in the Shard and we are absolutely delighted with the RSVP’s we have received from 30 of the UK’s biggest businesses and brands. Read more »

6thAug 2014

Forbes - How effective is content marketing

It seems only yesterday the world was discussing how brands could shape public opinion through social media. Now they are having the same discussions – with a similar mixture of rightfulness and wrongfulness – about content marketing. Read more »

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4thAug 2014

Can messaging apps ever be used for content?

One key trend of recent years, that very few media watchers anticipated, has been the growth of a new generation of messaging apps. WeChat, WhatsApp and Snapchat are just the tip of an iceberg of apps that enable mostly young people to send quick and easy messages to each other. Read more »

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31stJul 2014

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