Content’s ‘broad church’ just got a lot broader

The explosion of content marketing has seen its definition widen to include many forms and formats. In tandem, a wide variety of different players are coming into the market, bringing new skills and new perspectives, and introducing it to a wide client base. It’s time to celebrate the ‘broad church’ of content marketing, says CMA consultant editor Dominic Mills. Read more »

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3rdOct 2014

Digital Breakfast: Mobile engagement: Responsive design, adaptive content and the mobile web

The mobile revolution is in full swing, but brands and publishers have an increasingly complex range of potential strategic options in this space. Read more »

3rdOct 2014

Where are the stories and the feelings in B2B?

Posted by: Dan Brotzel, Sticky Content

Brand storytelling sounds marvellous – but what if your job is to market office relocation or pest control services? Read more »

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3rdOct 2014

Why Tumblr still matters for brands

For much of the last few years there has been one platform on the web that has intrigued brands who want to connect with young and influential audiences - the blogging site Tumblr. Read more »

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2ndOct 2014

CPL wins gold at IOIC Awards

CMA member CPL won gold for Best New Publication of 2014 at the national Institute of Internal Communication Awards. Read more »

Posted in Member news
2ndOct 2014

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