Digital Breakfast: Designing for digital - key design trends in desktop and mobile web

Next Wednesday's breakfast will be focussing on the fast-paced and easily changeable desktop and mobile wbe environment. Read more »

2ndJul 2014

Branding for a new era

London Wine Fair unveils its eye-catching new brand thanks to the talents of White Light Media Read more »

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2ndJul 2014

Seven flavours for your next videos: Thinking of your audience

Branded video content... Online content marketing... Advertiser-funded production... these are pretty ugly phrases for opportunities that should actually be pretty thrilling. Read more »

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1stJul 2014

Festival of Marketing has launched

The Festival of Marketing has launched! This year's agenda focusses on the Modern Marketing Manifesto.  Read more »

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30thJun 2014

IPC Media becomes first major media owner member of the CMA

UK’s leading consumer magazine publisher joins media agencies in extended membership line-up Read more »

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27thJun 2014

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