CMA Digital Breakfast


Stats, facts and future trends

This month, discover what the fastest-growing social network in the world is, the vital role empathy plays in TV ads, and which country leads the world in digital adspend. Read more »

5thDec 2014

Stats, facts and future trends

This month we discover the night-time shopping habits of John Lewis customers, the top-selling wearable technology, and that viewers do actually pay attention to TV ads. Read more »

17thNov 2014

Research news: Stats, facts and future trends

This month we learn the true purpose of online quizzes, the value Kraft place in content marketing, and the top TV shows in terms of Twitter activity. Read more »

6thOct 2014

Stats, facts and future trends: September

This month, we discover just how popular YouTube is within marketing circles, the six groups of social media users, and the skills marketers are most in need of. Read more »

10thSep 2014

Warc - coverage of CMA/TNS research - content marketing budgets increase

Following the recent launch of the executive findings from CMA's State of the Nation research with TNS, Warc have written a piece about the findings. Read more »

17thApr 2014

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