77% of UK online population use social networking sites

77% of UK online population use social networking sites A new survey from Insites Consulting has revealed that as many as 28.3 million people in the UK or 77% of the online population, currently use social networking sites.

The survey, which sourced answers from Internet users across the world found Facebook is apparently the most popular site followed by MySpace and Twitter. British users mostly visit Facebook (50%) or Twitter (42%). The research also discovered that the majority of Internet users are members of two or more social networking sites.

The highest level of social networking penetration is in South America (95%) with Eastern Europe and Asia having the lowest percentage. The average British social media user has 173 friends which is below the global average of 195, and a lot lower than South Americans which have on average 360 friends.

InSites' Stephen Van Bellehgam believes that it will be hard for new sites to develop to rivals to Twitter and Facebook: "It is becoming difficult for new social sites to recruit members. The majority of surfers are happy with their current situation and do not want to become members of a new platform. Furthermore, they do not intend to replace or reduce their use of their current sites."

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22ndMar 2010

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