9pm on 22nd July - the official time the US overtook UK in Royal Baby mania

We all know the world's eyes were on the Lindo Wing this week awaiting the arrival of the Royal Baby.  Baby Cambridge entered a world unlike any other heir to the throne, as the Duchess' labour was tracked via 24hr news, digital and social media. According to content discovery platform Outbrain, which works with over 100,000 sites worldwide and generates more than 100 billion recommendations per month, 12% of all the content read or watched around the world in the hour of the birth announcement (8pm-9pm on Monday) was about the third in line to the throne.

Not surprisingly, "baby watching" was heaviest in the UK during the hours leading up to the birth announcement; but, at 9pm London time, consumption of Royal Baby content in the US (as a % of total page views in the US during that hour) actually overtook that of the UK (13.0% in US, 12.6% in UK) - reflecting the US's love affair with the British Royal family.

 Other data drawn* from across the Outbrain network on Monday 22nd July revealed:

  • In the UK Royal Baby content accounted for 9% of content read or watched, and peaked at 16% at 8pm
  • In the USA 6% of total content consumed was about the Royal Baby, peaking at 11% at 9pm
  • Royal Baby content comprised 5% of total content read or watched globally on Monday. Around the world "baby watching" accounted for 5% total consumption on July 22nd in Australia, 5% in France, 2% in Germany, and 1% in Spain
  • Mobile accounted for 21% of total "baby watching" page views when comparing consumption across platforms (desktop, mobile, tablet). This shows a much greater proportion of consumption on mobile devices than a week earlier (compared to Monday 15th July) when the percentage of mobile page views was only 13%.

Simon Edelstyn, Managing Director of Outbrain Europe said: "There is no doubt that the birth has drawn a phenomenal level of interest online, and it's clear that users have turned to online sources to monitor the situation, and receive news as the second it broke, rather than waiting for the more traditional easel." 

*How we pulled the data:
Data is based on the total number of page views across the Outbrain network on 22nd July 2013. In total there were 13,060 pieces of Royal Baby content published on 22nd July 2013 - containing one or more Royal Baby keyword e.g. "Royal Baby", "Kate Middleton", "Middleton delivery" etc. The analysis compares the number of page views on these 13,060 pieces of Royal Baby content to the full Outbrain network benchmarks over the course of the day. 

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26thJul 2013

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