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The Australian content marketing arena is a rich and diverse one with impressive on and offline publications from a number of sources. There are divisions of UK-based publishers, like Haymarket and Bauer Media, alongside Australian companies like Edge and King Content. Australian wings of global companies are also creating high quality branded content too.

In fact Australia has a very impressive heritage in both print and offline publications. Customer publishing in the country began in the late 80s and some of the pioneers of the medium, like Pacific+ are still thriving today. Australia was also quick to embrace online publishing and it boasts some innovative bloggers including the man who in many ways pioneered B2B blogging.

There are significant opportunities for agencies too. The US-based Content Marketing Institute undertook a survey into content marketing in Australia earlier in the year and discovered that almost half of the companies that responded were going to invest more in content marketing in 2013. It also reported that there was a very real opportunity for content marketing agencies with around half considering buying in skills from another company to run their programmes.

Here then are six Australian content marketing publications which could prove to be inspirational to brands and agencies across the world.

INTHEBLACK is a respected B2B content marketing magazine that is published on behalf of CPA Australia - which is one of the world's largest accounting bodies, uniting finance, accounting and business professionals across the globe - by Bauer Media.

The magazine itself is beautifully designed and full of intelligent content. It is supported by an excellent website which is updated several times a day and includes the latest financial news alongside a strong selection of tutorial type videos. The magazine also has a healthy social media following too. It is a textbook example of how compelling custom content has been created for an industry body.

Woolworths Toddler and Baby Club
Woolworths Toddler and Baby Club is an innovative website and email programme run by Edge. The website itself is very impressive with a strong emphasis on high quality content. The reader though is then encouraged to sign up for the community whereby they can share their ideas and views with other parents. The website then uses the community to subtly drive consumers into making purchases.

Edge not only created the CMS behind the site but also developed a data segmentation program to ensure that parents were getting the right content at the right time. So for example a pregnant woman wouldn't be presented with stories about young schoolchildren.

Expedia Australia
Travel giant Expedia is a company whose Australian wing believes strongly in content. It has a rather superb travel blog on its site which features a mixture of BuzzFeed type top ten features alongside interviews with celebrities and influentials who reveal where they like to go and what they enjoy doing. The blog is very visual too and is supported by some excellent photography.

Expedia also employs King Content agency to create editorial that it has integrated into its travel packages pages. The theory here is that the content works in two ways. It provides important information for the reader about their destination, but also it given the site a significant SEO boost.

Adidas Onside
In spite of competition from Cricket, Aussie Rules and two Rugby codes, Football (as we Brits understand it) more than holds its own in Australia. So it isn't surprising that one of the most high profile content marketing websites in the country, Adidas Onside, reflects this in delivering Football-related content from around the globe. The site, which is produced by a division of Haymarket, delivers extensive coverage of the Australian Football league (the A League), alongside information and video tutorials on how players can improve their game - ostensibly by using Adidas' collection of Football boots. It is a good example of how general and product specific content can sit comfortably alongside each other.

Abacus Connexus
Mahlab Media is another key Australian content marketing agency with a talented team that creates publications for both consumer and business audiences. Connexus is created by the company for Abacus, which is an organisation for Australian credit unions, mutual building societies, mutual banks and friendly societies. The impressive looking magazine comes in a variety of formats including print and tablet editions as well as an online page turner.

As the title implies Feast is a new-ish paid-for monthly food magazine which was created by Australian content marketing veterans Pacific+ (who have been around since the early 90s and worked with a host of large brands) on behalf of Australian broadcaster SBS which is noted for its extensive food programming output. It is a truly multi-platform title, with an interactive tablet version for the iPad, and a Zinio-powered smartphone friendly edition as well as a printed title.

Pacific+ also makes extensive use of social media to support the title and it has a very impressive Instagram feed.

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