A refreshing move by Coke

Posted by: Martin MacConnol, Wardour

If you work in comms and haven't heard the hype about Coca-Cola's new corporate website, you should take a look now. You can find it at                                  

To an agency like Wardour, working in the content marketing arena, the launch of the site indicates a big moment for our sector - but more importantly a big moment of change for our comms clients.

Coke has taken the decision to relaunch the site not as another example of an acme corporate brochure, but as a dynamic, digital magazine.

It's the most visited digital asset Coke owns, so the move is a bold one. And sure, there is a place for the essential hygiene that you need on a corporate site - the investor centre, the company policies, the ‘contact us' details (etc).

But significantly, all these items lie within a site that changes regularly as articles, videos and graphics are uploaded, which tell the Coke story through added value content.

As bystanders to the project, we look on with admiration. Team Wardour has been telling corporate comms teams for years that this is the way to go. The lessons about added value content, which marketing teams learnt years ago, have just as much relevance for a comms team. There's no point creating a report, a brochure or a website that doesn't have content that truly engages - and the starting point for that is providing audiences with information that they value hearing, not just what you, as a brand, want to say.

Thus far the pitch has been tough - it's clear that few comms teams like to take the path less travelled. But the Coke move changes all that. Content is now mainstream; one of the biggest brands in the world has made it so. And where Coke leads other brands will follow.

Martin MacConnol, CEO of Wardour

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3rdDec 2012

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