ABCs show Content Marketing Industry enjoying phenomenal growth

The latest ABCs mark a step change for content marketing. The combined circulation of customer magazines within the Top 100 Magazines by Circulation, including titles such as Asda Magazine, Waitrose Kitchen and BA High Life, has increased year on year by 13 per cent and for the latest 6 month period by a massive 35 per cent and overall this medium has enjoyed over a 300% increase in the rate of growth from 12 months earlier.  

Customer titles featuring in the Top 100 now reach 12 million people, equating to 5 million hours of consumer engagement for these brands and their third party advertisers.

Recent research by the CMA revealed that 25 per cent of all content now consumed in the UK is produced by brands, which together with the ABCs is an indication that consumers are increasingly turning to their favourite companies for information and entertainment.

ABCs show Content Marketing Industry enjoying phenomenal growth

Key content marketing stats from the latest ABC Concurrent Release include:


  • The Top four magazines by circulation are customer magazines: Asda Magazine, Tesco Magazine, The National Trust Magazine, Morrisons Magazine
  • Half of the Top 10 magazines by circulation are customer magazines
  • Morrisons realised the second highest period on period circulation increase (+10.8%) behind Time Out Magazine (+485.3%).
  • Virgin Media saw the third highest year on year increase (+25%) behind Time Out (+455.2%) and Moshi Monsters Magazine (+36.3%)
  • Specsavers Magazine debuts at number 87 in the Top 100 Magazines by Circulation

By Sector

  • Legion tops the General Interest: Miscellaneous category with a circulation of 310,473 above titles including Reader's Digest and Who do You Think You Are?
  • Odeon Magazine leads the Leisure Interests: Film and Video Reviews category outperforming film stalwarts Empire Magazine and Total Film
  • Leisure Interests: Holiday and Travel is led by BA's High Life posting an 8.1% year on year growth. All other titles in this category shrunk including Conde Nast Traveller and Sunday Times Travel magazine
  • Women's Interests: Cookery and Kitchen is dominated by customer titles with the top 5 magazines being those produced by supermarkets
  • Posting a small increase (+0.2% year on year) IKEAFamily Live closes the gap between its consumer counterparts in Women's Interests: Home Interests category. Ideal Home and Country Living both suffered readership dips (-2.5% and -1.8% year on year respectively)
  • John Lewis Edition topped the Women's Interests: Lifestyle/Fashion category with an increase of 2.3% year on year in a category which recorded some of the highest losses

Clare Hill, MD of the CMA comments:

"With consumer trust of the media at an all time low it is unsurprising that branded media is winning out with the British public. Content marketing is a non-intrusive discipline that adds value to the customer's life and marketing directors are increasingly recognising its power, which is why we're seeing ABC debuts such as Specsavers Magazine and new customer magazine launches every period.

With the amalgamated print and digital data now available for the first time we expect an uplift in digitally audited titles across the board so that media owners can demonstrate their reach across devices in line with the changing technological landscape and media consumption."

14thFeb 2013

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