APA Poll Reveals Marketing Professionals Believe the Future is Content

APA Poll Reveals Marketing Professionals Believe the Future is Content The APA has released the findings of a recent survey into the marketing industry's view of the future of advertising, which has shown that an overwhelming number (49%) of respondents believe that the industry is moving into a post-advertising era.

Respondents, comprising leading brand marketers, were posed the question "Will branded content ever replace advertising as the main marketing spend?".  For this, the responses showed that a high level of people expect the relative investment in content to rise.   24% answered ‘Yes it is only a matter of time' and only 1 person (0.7%) ‘Not sure, branded content is becoming very important by advertising is still the main marketing solution'.  Interestingly, only 26.3% of those surveyed stated that ‘No, branded content still has a long way to go', showing that the majority of the industry views the medium as growing in importance.

The survey results are a further boost to positive news for the content industry after customer magazines posted robust figures in the latest ABC figures, revealed yesterday which showed that the sector now accounts for 53% of the total circulation of the top 100 magazines.   Additionally, Veronis Suhler Stevenson announced earlier this week that a survey they commissioned revealed that the media industry is adjusting its view on the best way to spend budget in a targeted way.  The organization predicted that investment in targeted content, which includes branded content, will grow at 7.3% over the next four years.

Julia Hutchison, COO, APA comments: "It's incredibly positive that marketers are recognizing the power of content in reaching the modern consumer.  Marketing budgets need to work harder than ever to engage and develop the relationship between audience and brand and branded content continues to prove its credentials in doing just this.  This poll is further testament to its vital role in the marketing mix and that this is set to expand in the coming years."

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13thAug 2010

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