Apple iPad 2 - but what will it look like?

Rumours of an iPad 2 launch have been buzzing for a while on the Internet mainly stemming from a leaked image of what is thought to be an iPad 2 at CES in January 2011. These rumours intensified after reports that the new iPad was spotted at the launch of News Corp's The Daily. But what will the new iPad be like and what are the key features that Apple are likely to add to the device?

What are the expectations for the 2nd generation iPad?
Many sources, like Gizmodo , believe that FaceTime support and a front-facing camera as found on the iPhone 4 are certain features to be added. The BBC reported that there might even be two cameras, one at the front and one rear facing.

Something that the current iPad is lacking is a USB port, which would enable users to upload documents and photos to the device. Despite beliefs that this will be a new feature, some argue that Apple is moving increasingly to wireless so an USB port might not necessary. However, one thing that might be coming is a SD card slot, which would drastically increase expandable memory possibilities.

There are also speculations on the size of the new iPad, and some think that it will be thinner and take on the appearance of a Macbook, which is made from one piece of metal with no pins needed.

Will the iPad 2 be available in a different size? The Apple Blog thinks so: "the rumour lately is that a 7″ model is on its way to sit right beside the current 9″ model, and due to Apple's resolution independence and growing number of developers, a new size won't cause many issues beyond a few optimizations that have to happen from App Store developers to make things look perfect." It also speculates that "Apple's Retina Display, or something very close, will make its way to the iPad."

Other features that seem probable are a faster processor - this would allow for better pixel management and a higher-res screen as well as more memory. This would in turn aid both user experience and potentially speed up the download of magazine apps.

A more social user experience is to be expected. Rumours claim that a location-based tool called Find My Friends is in the works for the iPad update, as well as for the iOS 4.3 iPhone, which may allow users to check on friends' location like Google Latitude or Loopt.

With close to 15 million iPads sold to date, we are not sure the price will change much. Apple's position as a technology behemoth is safe as long as less expensive iPad rivals fail to match its all-round performance.

If you are interested in learning more about publishing on the iPad, a summary of our Digital Breakfast - in collaboration with Apple - will be available shortly.

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9thFeb 2011

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