Asda unveils first consumer Bollard Cover campaign trialled by Kraft Foods

Leading UK supermarket, Asda, has introduced its debut consumer Bollard Cover advertising campaign in conjunction with Kraft Foods.  Developed by Asda, this is the first time the media has been rolled out to the consumer market having proved successful in the corporate sphere.  The Bollard Covers promote instore offers to reach consumers at as many touch points as possible.

Kraft Foods are the first supplier to utilise the media service offered by the Asda Media Centre, following a trial campaign last month to promote a key deal on one of its flagship brands - Philadelphia, which showed a clear sales uplift.

Bollard Covers, which stand at 1.2 metres tall and are a distinctive triangular prism shape, were placed on site at 292 Asda stores out of a possible 363.  These displayed advertising for Kraft Philadelphia 300g cheese tubs with a £1 price offer.

The Asda Media Centre will offer up to 12 Bollard Covers across 313 stores nationwide to help brands promote their key offers to Asda shoppers, help generate a buzz around key seasonal events or to shout about an exciting new launch.

Already proving popular with advertisers; the first eight weeks available for advertising have been taken up by eight different brands including Walkers Crisps, Ski Yogurts and Aero Biscuits.

Publicis Blueprint launched the Asda Media Centre along with Asda in 2004.  The Asda Media Centre is run by Asda and Publicis Blueprint who consult, plan and sell Asda's Media Estate via a range of channels including outdoor, POS, the Asda Magazine, press and bags for life.

Robin Drysdale, Asda Media Centre commercial director, commented: "This exciting and invaluable addition to the Asda Media Centre portfolio fits in perfectly with the customer journey at store entrance.  It's already been warmly received by the suppliers and has quickly proved its effectiveness."

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25thMay 2011

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