Awards 2011: One week left to submit entries!

With only 1 week to the closing deadline to enter the International Content Marketing Awards 2011, we have put together our top 5 tips to submitting a winning entry.

1. Effectiveness, Effectiveness, Effectiveness
The most vital element of any entry is evidence of how well the content has worked. It's no longer enough just to throw in a hastily written comment from the client. We need to see solid proof of what the product has achieved. So that's sales uplift, circulation increases, reader surveys - anything that will convince a marketing executive of the worth of your product. 

2. Too many cooks
Many unsuccessful entries are thrown together at the last minute by a series of people who just happen to have a spare moment the day before deadline. Give the responsibility of creating all entries to a single person so they can give the entries their full concentration and make them all consistently good.

3. Take your time
For a product to win an Award, it has to have an outstanding entry, full of detail and insight. Gathering all the required information for your entry to be the best it can possibly be cannot be done overnight - it takes time and effort. So give yourself plenty of lead time to craft your entry.

4. Be unique
All Award-winners are unique in their field. That uniqueness may come from results, creativity, or simply the industry which it serves. But whichever it is, play up that uniqueness and really convince the judges why your product is head and shoulders above the rest.

5. Use your creatives
Finally, you all have fantastic editorial teams producing outstanding work, so why not use their skills to create a readable, entertaining and thought-provoking entry? It could work wonders.

The closing deadline is Fri 2nd Sept, for more details on the awards and the categories open for entry, visit

Good luck and if you have any other questions just give us a call on 0207 4007506.

26thAug 2011

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