British Airways and Cedar launch inflight kids' content

Let's admit it - flying with kids is not exactly stress-free.  Now British Airways and their content marketing agency Cedar have come up with two new magazines to help combat the inflight fidgets.

The two different publications will go in the Skyflyers packs given out to all children on overseas flights.

They're all about learning to love travel and relish the thrill of flying.

The first, for 3-5 year olds is called Spread Your Wings. The hero is Cuthbert the Cat, a character developed by Cedar. It's filled with stories, puzzles, crafts and games.

The second, for 6-12 year olds, Wing It, is packed with tall tales and fantastic flying facts. The cover can be used as a cut-out-and-keep pair of wings after the flight.

The magazines join the rest of BA's inflight portfolio produced by Cedar - High Life, Business Life, First Life and High Life Shop. The contract to produce the Skyflyers material came after a competitive pitch. 

Cedar Editorial Director Mark Jones said:

"Everything we publish is designed to be entertaining, educational and make the flight go a bit more quickly. That's a really important mission when you've got a squiggling toddler or a bored teenager on your hands.

"And like the rest of the work, it's all part of BA's core message. Cuthbert the Cat is a fully paid-up member of the ‘To Fly. To Serve.' club."

Kate Thornton, Head of Product and Service at BA said:

"We know how important entertainment is to our young Skyflyers onboard. We hope the new Cuthbert books, along with a range of fantastic films and children's TV programmes, will help make flying really exciting."

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14thNov 2012

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