Cedar and Reactive launch Green Digital Guidelines

In an industry first, Cedar and its technical partner Reactive have developed new green digital guidelines to minimise the impact our online products have on the environment.

Launched during Cedar's Green Week, the guidelines have been developed in response to a growing body of evidence on why digital needs to go green, and reflect both agencies' ongoing commitment to sustainable business practices.

The full guidelines aim to reduce page loading times and http requests through efficient and agile design principles, reducing the server space and energy required to run and load the sites.

The guidelines comprise 10 key principles that Cedar and Reactive will consider at the beginning of every new digital project, including:

  • A mobile first approach which ensures design that is focused on the smaller devices, because these consume less energy,
  • Responsive design which is absolutely critical with today's diverse range of devices and focuses on being efficient at every step, enabling us to lower energy consumption,
  • HTML5 and CSS3 which allow us to strip back on weighty images and reduce the number of flash components. This reduces the overall ‘weight' of the site and increases page load speeds.

‘Sustainability is already an important consideration for print, but we believe it is just as important for digital,' says Clare Broadbent, Cedar's CEO. ‘These guidelines mean that from now on we will consider sustainable design up front, so that our work not only delivers for our clients, but also minimises impact on the environment.'

‘Striving for more efficient digital design has always been important to us, but when you realise the impact that digital products have on the environment, it becomes a no-brainer,' says Iain Russell, Managing Director of Reactive UK. ‘We're delighted to be working with Cedar on bringing green design principles into web development.'

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20thSep 2013

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