Cinco razones por que el UK es el mejor para contenido international

Or: five reasons why the UK is top for international content

It's a long-established fact that UK content marketing agencies lead the world in planning, producing and distributing content that's just as effective in Europe, Asia or the US as it is on home soil.

Whether it's their experience in creating inspiring content that travels across borders easily, producing many different language versions with pin-sharp accuracy, or an ability to liaise with local editors to produce the most relevant content for each market, UK agencies are known the world over for being the best in the business. There are many reasons for this success, but here are just five, fünf, cinq, vijf, beş, pięć...

1. Experience counts
The UK content marketing industry is one of the most established and respected in the world, with some of its largest agencies based here. Those agencies have decades of experience in producing and distributing multi-market content, and so have a fantastic range of skills when it comes to launching a campaign and building a content strategy.

2. Mind your language
Producing content in a number of different languages for simultaneous distribution requires a unique set of organisational skills and a team of trustworthy foreign-language translators and sub-editors, who need to be native tongue speakers of the market they are working on. The magazine Land Rover OneLife, for example, is translated into 14 languages and delivered to 36 international markets. That couldn't be done without the skills of highly experienced editorial professionals.

3. A world of inspiration
The UK has a strong track record of producing content that travels well around the world. Titles such as IKEA Family Living and Zoom-Zoom (produced for Mazda) commission expert writers and photographers to travel to a vast range of countries to seek out stories and images that are just as inspiring on Las Ramblas as on Clapham High Street.

4. Credible and relevant
Most international content will have both global and local sections, increasing its relevance to the local market. Those sections have to blend seamlessly together to create a credible brand experience that makes the reader feel they are part of a global community.

5. Universal quality
Whether it's content produced for a sleepy Yorkshire village or every country in the world, UK agencies understand that the most important element for any campaign is quality - quality of editorial, quality of strategy, quality of measurement. Only by producing quality content will the reader be engaged and encouraged to act - no matter where they are in the world.

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7thMar 2013

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