Cloud b choose Immediate Media Branded Content for UK brand awareness campaign

Immediate Media Branded Content team are delighted to announce a new partnership with international toy manufacturer Cloud b.

The team is managing the client's UK & Ireland Facebook page - connecting the brand with UK parents through engaging content, competitions and sleep advice and tips for mums and dads, as well as introducing its multi-award winning and scientifically proven sleep companion products to the UK market. 

Cloud b's products are not simply cuddly toys, but clever sleep companions, developed using scientific research and proven to be effective at helping children to fall asleep and stay asleep.

Several of the products in the Cloud b range even detect when a baby wakes up, and play a variety of soothing sounds, such as a mother's heartbeat, to help them settle down. Business Development Director Helen Forsyth commented;  "Cloud b is a fantastic brand and we're looking forward to helping them further develop their UK presence and increase its product awareness and brand positioning."

To view the Cloud b UK & Ireland Facebook page, please click here.

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25thOct 2013

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