CMA Research: For those using content marketing 20p in every marketing £1 goes on content

State of the Nation research by TNS and CMA

TNS research from the CMA amongst leading marketers shows the growing importance of content. Those who use it spend more on content than any other media; and 51% plan to spend more this year.

Content marketing is now mainstream…awareness of content marketing is high – 85% – among senior UK marketers

Big advertisers are fans…approximately 60% of marketers, mostly in large, international or multinational organisations, currently use content marketing

They commit serious budget to it…those using content marketing spend approximately 20% of their budgets on it

It’s their single most important channel…they spend more on content marketing than any other media, including TV (14 per cent), online advertising (11%) and print (10%)

Content marketing budgets are increasing…51% of marketers intend to increase their spend on content marketing in 2014, regardless of whether their overall marketing budgets increase

Content marketing could take share from direct marketing and print...among advertisers who do not use content marketing, direct marketing (25%), print and TV (both 18%) and online (15%), get highest share of budgets

It can be used in different ways…the top three uses of content marketing are for 1) long-term customer engagement 2) brand building and 3) customer acquisition

It’s really good at…marketers say content marketing is either effective or very effective in driving 1) long-term customer engagement and 2) building the brand.

Case yet to be proved…they are neutral on its effectiveness as a tool for customer acquisition

Some challenges…the top three challenges facing content marketing are 1) proving its effectiveness internally 2) securing enough budget and 3) creating quality content

A soundbite…”Changes in Google algorithms mean quality content is vital to visibility. The current risk is that marketing departments do not have the right skills to practice content marketing properly. Those with backgrounds in journalism are a must-have asset for brands engaging in content”…Sharon Flaherty, head of content and PR,

An opportunity for specialist agencies…marketers currently use in-house resources most for content marketing. However, as the need to provide quality content rises, specialist agencies who can bring top-level editorial and journalistic skills to bear could win out.  

Some background on the research…TNS interviewed 130 marketing professionals in the autumn of 2013. Almost two thirds (65%) were at manager or director level. More than half (51%) of the organisations they represented had marketing budgets of at least £10m, and more than a quarter (26%) had budgets of more than £30m. Sectors represented included retail, fmcg, auto, financial services, utilities, telecommunications and manufacturing. 

CMA MD Clare Hill
“This study shows that whether it be long term engagement, building brands or customer acquisition over 70% of marketers are now using content marketing. 

For those using content marketing it is the single most important channel across the full marketing mix and equates to 20% of their total budgets.

As with any successful content, quality is essential and at The CMA we look forward to driving this agenda forward."

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Study conducted by TNS for the CMA Nov 2013. This research was originally launched at the CMA International Content Marketing Summit 2013

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9thApr 2014

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