CMA Summit 2013: Importance of ROI and opportunities for content specialists

Amy Cashman, MD of market research company TNS, says the big challenge for branded content is proving Return on Investment.

"Companies need to prove effectiveness of content marketing internally and secure enough budget."

However, she claims most companies are increasingly familiar with content marketing with 85 per cent aware of it among the 130 marketing decision makers who were polled. 

She adds that companies are using content marketing to build the brand and engage with customers rather than ‘customer acquisition' which was seen as less important at this point. 

According to TNS research, 20p of every advertising £1 spent is going on content marketing. 

Cashman sees there is a big opportunity for content marketing agencies with 74 per cent currently using internal resources.

Only 37 per cent use freelance journalist and editors for content marketing and one in three currently use social media agencies. "This represents a big opportunity for the content marketing industry."

Amy Cashman, MD of market research company TNS, was speaking at today's CMA International Content Marketing Summit - Weds 27 Nov.

Full agenda at www.the-cma/summit.

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27thNov 2013

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