Collaborate to accumulate - What’s Next? magazine investigates this new business phenomenon

Aristotle once said, "The whole is more than the sum of its parts"

It's this simple wisdom that can be found in the second issue of What's Next? magazine, which brings together some eloquent examples of collaborative work from around the world.

This is the second outing for Sappi's cutting edge magazine, which profiles the issues facing and shaping the print industry.

Sappi Fine Paper Europe, a company recognised for its innovation and quality, asked the question "What makes success?" and the startling answer hits you firmly between the eyes.

What's Next? suggests that success is already to be found in working together, embracing creative differences to give life to something new and visionary.  It showcases the Polish publication Futu magazine ( in which each issue has a different guest art director.

Collaboration for photographers Uriel Sinai, an Israeli, and Palestinian Eman Mohammed is a striking photo essay from either side of the Gaza border.

Glamour magazine Editor Jo Elvin and the managing director of Conde Nast, Nicholas Coleridge, discuss on how these two came together as team; changing more than just a magazine.

In the "Tall Stories" column we hear the hopes and dreams of six tree farmers from Pelepele in South Africa who are working on an established Sappi tree-planting programme.  Their vivid accounts show how the at first unlikely collaboration of a small tree farmer and a multi-national paper conglomerate can change real lives for the better.

Eric Van Den Bruel, Marketing Communications Director at Sappi, said, "It's important to find the space where ideas collide and challenge each other; it's the beating heart of creativity.

"That is what collaboration means, it's more than simply working together - it's a new way of thinking by adding value  in co-ordinating ideas, communication and knowledge."

What's Next? magazine is printed on five different Sappi papers and is linked to a dedicated website ( to encourage readers to share their views spontaneously.

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30thNov 2010

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