Consumers more engaged with mobile content according to latest research

According to its latest research* into consumers' content consumption patterns, content discovery solution Outbrain has revealed how consumers are engaging with content across various platforms. Users reading articles on mobiles and tablets always display a higher click through rate (CTR) regardless of type of content they are consuming - indicating increased engagement. 

Outbrain's research showed mobile CTR is a third (34%) higher compared to other platforms. CTRs vary depending on the specific type of content being read:

  • Entertainment articles: compared to desktop, mobile CTR is 54% higher, tablet 37% higher
  • Sports articles: compared to desktop, mobile CTR is 36% higher, tablet 39% higher
  • And the most popular type of content via mobile is electronics articles with CRTs 91% higher than desktop, tablets 45% - perhaps when people are in research-and-buy mode.

This research supports Outbrain latest strategic development to extend its services in the UK to include content recommendation across mobile-optimised sites. The Telegraph, one of the leading digital publishers in the UK is an Outbrain for Mobile launch partner. The launch reflects the increasing consumer demand for mobile content and importance of mobile for publishers and content creators.

Simon Edelstyn Managing Director of Outbrain Europe said: "What we've seen is how intrinsic to daily life mobiles and tablets have become. Consumers want to read articles and watch videos on the devices that suit their lifestyle or situation, and brands and publishers need to adapt to accommodate this."    

Outbrain for Mobile
Outbrain for Mobile enables publishers to boost their mobile traffic and revenue, while enhancing the user experience on mobile devices. The service provides personalised links to recommended content for readers who are accessing content from their mobile or tablet.

The small screens of mobiles make it difficult to advertise around content and offer easy navigation between content. Outbrain for Mobile overcomes these challenges in a simple and user-friendly way, providing links at the end of each article to internal content or links to external recommended, mobile-optimised content which results in a new revenue stream for publishers.

The Telegraph is using Outbrain for Mobile alongside Outbrain's traditional and video content discovery services across all of its online properties. Sacha Hughes, Deputy Commerce Director at The Telegraph Media Group said: "For us, mobile is an increasingly significant content asset and it is important for us to help users navigate effectively on mobile and monetise it wherever possible.

"Outbrain has already delivered proven results in terms of increased engagement so we are excited to be rolling the service out to our mobile audience and continuing to drive the levels of interaction across all of our content."

Targeting specific mobile consumers
Brands and agencies creating content can use Outbrain for Mobile to amplify their own content across mobile optimised sites. This is particularly relevant for brands wanting to specifically target iPhone users. A Hedonist's Guide to... (Hg2) has used Outbrain to successfully convert 17% of readers to download its new app.

Outbrain amplified Hg2's own editorial content on a PPC basis, recommending content to users who were most likely to be interested in it. Only users accessing content on their iPhones, rather than another device were shown the Hg2 content. Tremayne Carew Pole, Publisher and Founder of Hg2 said:  "We had a specific remit - to target iPhone users to drive downloads of the app. Outbrain's solution for mobile made perfect sense to achieve this and the hugely impressive results speak for themselves."

Simon Edelstyn Managing Director of Outbrain Europe said: "We know that mobile has dramatically changed how users receive and interact with content - 62% of the population now has a smartphone and 65% of them use their device to get online every day. Publishers and brands want to be able to take advantage of this and drive engagement and monetisation across all types of content. Outbrain has adapted to provide users with the same trusted and interesting links across mobile site. Mobile content is still a growing area and we will continue to develop Outbrain to help deliver the best mobile user experience."

To date, Outbrain for Mobile has served over 700 million monthly mobile optimised page views including The Telegraph, ABC, FoxNews and Slate. Additionally, over four billion mobile recommendations are served per month. Outbrain uses a series of algorithms to identify content that will be uniquely interesting to each reader. Users receive more relevant and personalised content that keeps them engaged on the site for longer. 

*The research is based on paid links than ran across the Outbrain network between mid-January and mid-April 2013

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6thAug 2013

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