Content 2012 Final keynote: Matthew Taylor, CEO Royal Society of Arts - How content can inspire change

The final keynote of the day was delivered by Matthew Taylor, CEO, Royal Society of Arts, who addressed how content can be used to inspire change.

Matthew pointed out that he believes there is a gap between people's aspirations and the route they take. He asked the audience whether what we do enhances human capability and what is the intent of the content we are looking to create?

Matthew went on to introduce to two phrases he had coined himself: producerly content and consumerly content. What are these you ask?

He defined producerly content as ‘produced by the producer' e.g. an advert from a bank that offers £5, despite having a 0% interest rate. This is content that has been created by the producer which doesn't really have the consumer in mind.

Consumerly content on the other hand is content created to get the brand message across and leave the consumer better informed. Matthew noted that there can be good ‘producerly content' and bad ‘consumerly content', and left the audience with one final thought:

To what extent do we [customer marketing agencies] as content creators create content that is consumerly?

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30thNov 2012

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