Content 2012 Session 1 - Anticipate: The future of content. Dave Trott on the future of creativity

The session finished with an entertaining segment from Dave Trott, Executive Creative Director, CSTTG who sought to define what exactly creativity is.

Dave pointed out that we are bombarded with adverts and that as much 89 per cent of them pass us by. He argues that with the industry spend of around 18 billion so much of this money is wasted.

He argued that ad agencies typically focus on trying to persuade consumer to try their product, but this approach doesn't work if people don't notice and understand the ads. He thinks that the focus should be on impact. If people don´t notice the ads there is little point in producing them.

He also thinks that sometimes brands are asking the wrong questions. They need to understand that while channels change the consumer stays the same. To illustrate this he talked about how brands talk about making virals. Dave points out that it is consumers that make things viral. All brands do is create videos that they hope consumer will find interesting.

Dave then went on to focus on why he believes the smartest people in marketing think simply and can communicate their ideas in a straightforward, jargon free way. He believes simplicity also encourages people to think in a more creative way. He mentioned a Sainsburys campaign in which an agency were tasked with increasing profit for the supermarket. Rather than focus on getting more customers the agency came up with a simple scheme of encouraging existing customers to spend more money by suggesting  that they try new things.

He finished his talk by exhorting people to think differently.

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30thNov 2012

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