Content 2012 Session 1 - Anticipate: The future of content. Matthew Guest from Deloitte Digital on how technology will shape the future of content marketing

The third speaker was Matthew Guest from Deloitte Digital. Matthew began his talk by explaining how half a decade or so ago he worked for an agency whose prime aim was to kill off the media and empower consumers to create their own content. He now realises that he was wrong and that the media will continue in many forms.

Matthew´s speech focused on how technology is changing the way in which we consume media and the impact upcoming tech was going to have on customers.

He pointed to the fact that even though we are in the midst of economic downturn the adoption of post PC devices i.e. phones and tablets is increasing at an incredible rate. Apparently the average UK adult now owns 6 devices which could be tagged as a computer. He believes the reason for this huge growth spurt is that tech offers great value for money in that the devices are cheap and offer so many different types of entertainment.

However in spite of their success he says it is too soon to call time on the TV and the PC. ´We are not in post TV or post PC era, but rather in a Plus TV and Plus PC era where the newer devices complement the established ones.

Matthew then took the participant on a whistle stop tour of new technology highlighting wearable tech e.g. smart watches and always online cameras that archive a person´s day as ones to watch. He also predicted that 2015 would be the year that self-driving cars began to reach the mainstream.

Ultimately Matthew suggested that all this new tech would continue to drive peoples´ attention span down, a key issue for content marketers, and would have a transformative effect on social networks.

Matthew concluded by saying that the future is smart and connected, and this adds pressure to those who seek to deliver intelligent storytelling

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28thNov 2012

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