Content 2012 Session 4: Engage: The power of the story

After lunch, the audience were treated to a session which looked at the ‘power of the story'.

First up on stage was Nick Morris, CEO of Canvas8, who gave the audience a visual on storytelling by comparing films Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy and James Bond Skyfall. The first, Nick noted, a more traditional story, it took one hour to get going, while with Skyfall you are drawn in straight away.

Nick then looked at the principles of building a story - capture vs build - starting by capturing people straight away, or as Nick put it ‘grabbing them by they balls', and then focusing on building the story over time.

Next up was another double presentation: Sara Cremer, MD of Redwood took to the stage with Claire Hilton, Head of Advertising, Media & Content UKRBB Marketing of Barclays.

Sara started by saying that people remember stories, they don't remember bold facts. So in order to better make use of content marketing, know your audience so that you can tell a story that benefits the listener, not the teller.

Sara told the audience to find the content hotspot, the area between what the brand wants to say and what the customer is really thinking.

Clare Hilton took the delegates through Barclays use of storytelling to promote its business, by choosing to focus their content around the parents rather than the students on the A level results day.

The pair concluded by noting that the most powerful stories are those that connect on an emotional level, as emotions is the key driving force behind action.

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30thNov 2012

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