Content Discovery Solution Outbrain Launches in Italy

Outbrain, the content discovery solution, is today announcing further expansion into the Italian market, including the launch of external paid-for links. Outbrain is used to help readers find the most interesting and relevant content online through providing personalised links across a network of premium publishers worldwide.

Tom's Hardware, Citynews, Populis and RCS are among the first Italian publishers to implement Outbrain's proprietary technology, alongside a number of other premium finance, entertainment and sport websites. Already at work for some of the largest publishers in the world, Outbrain serves more than 6.5 billion page views per month. Its technology is used to power discovery across all types of media - online, video, mobile - allowing publishers to increase on-site engagement and generate revenue by linking to third-party content. 

Alceo Rapagna, Chief Digital Officer at RCS MediaGroup said: "Keeping our readers engaged and interested online is a key priority for us. Outbrain is providing us with a new way to do this by helping our readers to discover relevant and stimulating content. The increased levels of traffic and quality of the service are very interesting."

At the core of Outbrain's solution is a series of sophisticated algorithms that identify content that will be uniquely interesting to each reader, rather than just contextually similar. This means users receive more relevant and personalised content, which ultimately enriches their experience and keeps them engaged for longer.

Links to content across a publisher's own site/s increases stickiness and engagement, while links to high-quality third-party content drives increased traffic and generates revenue. Outbrain's traffic acquisition programme can also be used by publishers and marketers to drive new users to specific content in order to grow audiences and hit advertiser targets. 

Simon Edelstyn, Managing Director of Outbrain Europe added: "As the amount of content online continues to grow, more and more audiences are turning to digital as their preferred way to consume media. Outbrain's solution offers both publishers and marketers a real opportunity to amplify the reach of their high-quality content and target relevant audiences online. We're incredibly excited to be launching Outbrain in Italy, allowing Italian content creators to capitalise on the benefits of content discovery, leading to very positive business results."

Alberto Mari, Country Manager of Outbrain Italy commented: "Outbrain is a proven solution in markets around the world, and the launch of the service in Italy and paid links in Italian are set to afford local publishers and marketers the same benefits. Tom's Hardware, Citynews, Populis and RCS are already working with us, and seeing impressive results in terms of click-through rates, so we are looking forward to working with more partners as we build our presence in Italy."

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14thNov 2012

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