CMA Summit 2013: How to write compelling content

If you want to be successful on line you need three things: know who you're targeting, communicate persuasively and sell with integrity. That's according to web psychologist Nathalie Nahai, speaking at the Content Marketing Summit 2013 this afternoon.

Content creators need to use the word ‘you' to become more persuasive and abide by the 80:20 ratio - aiming to spend 80 per cent of their time on the headline and 20 per cent on the remaining content.

"You need a hook," says Nahai. Citing websites like Upworthy and Buzzfeed as good examples, she says there is a formula to write a compelling headline ie. Number, adjective, keyword and promise. So, for example, "13 unbelievable ways you can fry a small egg with a sock."

Importantly, images used should elicit emotion (anger, fear, happiness, disgust, surprise and sadness) and there is evidence that nostalgic content - such as a recent ad for Internet Explorer - can help to boost shareability.

Nathalie Nahai was speaking at the CMA International Content Marketing Summit - Weds 27 Nov.

Full agenda at www.the-cma/summit.

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27thNov 2013

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