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Posted by: Mallory Mabe, Marketing and Communications Executive, Adobe

As content marketers and digital creatives you rely on having a convenient way to connect with your audiences, enhance experiences through interactive content and monetise opportunities more effective than traditional publishing.  With software constantly updated and new products emerging, it is crucial to find that product that gives your content that extra oomph and leaves readers coming back for more. Whether an agency creating their latest app, or a magazine making the big switch from traditional to digital, your content will shine in the public eye with Adobe Digital Publishing Suite (DPS).

As the prominent software in digital content and design, Adobe’s DPS has paved the way for businesses and individuals to inspire and stimulate the business, their audience and their content. You’re a creative. You want the world to be drawn to your content like Twilight and Vampires. You want the magic of interactive media at the forefront of your latest story. You may even want the characters to literally jump off of the page or transport your reader into it with them. Whether it’s Lakeland Magazine or The Daily Mail, smart-phones or tablets, DPS benefits publishing artists of all backgrounds and assists in the workflow of stunning success.

Key benefits of DPS are vast and include:

  • Engaging Content. DPS enables you to easily include elements such as slide shows, interactive overlays, and embedded video and audio. Plus, the sky’s the limit if you incorporate your own HTML5 interactive content. Capture the eyes of the beholder with life-like content. Put the reader into the journey of your latest story with interactive images and videos. Give behind-the-scenes insight into the process of the latest launch. Give them the experience of what a traditional publication couldn’t provide – bring it to life. 
  • Reach New Readers. You have a loyal audience base with your current traditional content or latest app, (or both!) but you want more. No, you NEED more. Through DPS you are able to share every word on social, direct entitlement and the embedded web viewer.  Every platform has its own audience of unique desires and needs, whether it’s a twitter feed of 20,000 followers or an interactive app for your magazine, you can reach audiences you wouldn’t have with traditional content.
  • DPS apps for iOS and Android devices. DPS apps can be distributed via Apple’s App Store, Google Play, or Amazon Appstore. It’s important to understand the device and marketplace preferences of your target readers and make your content available to them. From Kindles to IPhone, your app can be accessible to every reader on every device whether they are on the train, in a plane, deep-sea diving or under the duvet.  From August 2012 to February 2013 alone, there was a 200% average growth in readers of DPS-created apps.
  • Push it.  Collect reader contact data via push notification opt-ins throughout your app. With the ability to push news and updates to your audience you guarantee them the first-to-know experience and give yourself reader insight while managing when these messages go out and customer data. Have an incredible news story you want to share? Push it. Want non-subscribed readers to update and subscribe? Push it. Through sending push notifications through your app, your every word is at their fingertips.  

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Posted by: Mallory Mabe, Marketing and Communications Executive, Adobe

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15thJan 2014

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