Enterprise iOS: 5 Uses for Tablet Apps

The co-founder of Mag+, Mike Haney, recently offered 5 great ideas on how corporations can use iOS enterprise apps effectively for productivity and greater sales in a detailed post on TabTimes.  From annual reports to sales decks, to targeted internal newsletters, product guides and even training guides, Haney details several real-world possibilities to better engage, target and manage your organization and clients while saving printing costs and encouraging consistent corporate branding and culture.

How can you do this if you aren't trying to sell something via an enterprise app, you ask?

Haney explains that, too, 'Apple offers two ways to distribute corporate apps. Enterprise iOS distribution lets you distribute the app via intranet, email or mobile device management, but only to your employees. Volume "purchase" (even though the app can be free) of custom B2B apps lets you also privately deliver apps, but to a wider audience that can include customers and clients. You can learn more about this program here'.

 You can read the full article here.

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8thJul 2013

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