Final line-up confirmed for CMA Summit

We're very excited to announce we have finalised the line-up for the International Content Marketing Summit and we have to say it's looking pretty amazing. Not only do we have President Obama's digital strategist and Coca-Cola's Jonathan Mildenhall, we also have fascinating speakers from Vice, Mixcloud, Facebook, The Economist, MediaCom, Twitter, and to top it all off, a web psychologist.   


  • Jonathan Mildenhall, VP, Global Advertising Strategy and Content Excellence, Coca-Cola
  • Matthew McGregor, Digital Rapid Response, Obama 2012 Political Director, Blue State Digital
  • Nick Blunden, SVP, Global Head of Digital & Content Strategy, The Economist
  • Nick Cohen, Head of MediaCom Beyond Advertising, MediaCom
  • Oliver Snoddy, Head of Planning, Twitter
  • Carrie Tyler, Head of Editorial,
  • Guy Daniels, Vice President Brand & Marketing Communications, International Business, Fujitsu
  • Nathalie Nahai, The Web Psychologist
  • Nikhil Shah, Co-founder, Mixcloud
  • TBC, Vice
  • Amy Cashman, Managing Director, TNS
  • Alastair Cotterill, Creative Strategist, Facebook

The Content Revolution - Strategy, Creation, Engagement, Measurement
The global combination of awareness, understanding and excitement has led us to a point where content is on the cusp of a seismic revolution in the marketing sector.

The rise of mobile, increased digital capability and an avalanche of data are all converging to give marketers and agencies the power to create campaigns with fantastic levels of effectiveness. If you think content marketing is sophisticated now, just wait for the next wave of innovation and insight.

To find out everything you need to know about the Summit and book your ticket go to

The International Content Marketing Summit 2013 - The Content Revolution
27th November, Old Billingsgate, London

25thOct 2013

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