Five great new indie magazines that customer publishing agencies should check out

Earlier in the week Jeremy Leslie, on his Magculture blog, highlighted twenty four new indie magazines in 24 posts, all in 24 hours.

Leslie, who has worked with several branded content agencies, suggested in an interview that he gave to the APA last year that the indie magazine sector was a good source of inspiration for both mainstream and customer magazine publishers. Leslie, in particular, highlights their innovative approach to design and graphics.  He recently said ‘I expect to see customer publishing becoming more innovative in both design and content in the next few years and a good place to look for inspiration is in the indie magazine sector.'

Here are five titles worth exploring.

Eco-friendly living is increasingly growing in popularity and makes the foundations of Ellie Good's Egg Mag, which covers green living for London and Brighton. Published quarterly, the 100-page magazine can be found at selected cafes and shops for free. Printed on glossy recycled paper, the magazine is not short on green content and features interviews with relevant celebrities and anything else that fits under the ‘culture with conscience' umbrella.

This is an excellently produced magazine that draws its readers in with relevant, interesting and varied content and a nice use of colours.

Travel has always been an inspirational topic for writers and photographers alike. This new travel title is published by ex-Travel and Leisure photo editor David Cicconi and is a high-end lifestyle travel magazine that aims "to showcase the most fascinating stories" and stunning images from around the globe. Believing that its readers are not tourists, but citizens of the world the first issue features stories on South Africa, Missoni, Lady Gaga, Mexico, Kashmir and Catalan chef Ferran Adrià, who is considered one of the best chefs in the world.

An aspirational magazine in both content and appearance, this magazine will appeal to travel aficionados worldwide.

Lost in London
Any Londoner will fall in love with this magazine that shares the beauty and uniqueness of the city with a countryside twist. Editors Lucy and Tina go on a treasure hunt, highlighting the way rural life intrudes into the city, bringing the city atmosphere to life through interesting illustrations and stories that anyone interested in London will love.

Much like August Media's Completely London, Lost in London feeds on people's obsession with and fondness of the city. Adding a distinct uniqueness to each page, the matt paper combined with city stories gives it a nice rural yet urban feel.

The Green Soccer Journal
There is a lot to be said about the contemporary UK football press and its very vocal speculation and commentary - The Green Soccer Journal is everything else but. Spread across matt paper with a design that brings you back to the decades gone by and Bobby More, this independent journal explores the world of football whilst avoiding prejudices and expectations of the game.

A journal that connects with a subject that can bring out passion in most people, this is a magazine that you would happily sit down with in your local and read from cover to cover, being absorbed by the thoughtful content.

Like a gallery in print form, Fantom is a brilliant collection of photography with a transnational feel. Published by Milan-based Boiler Corporation using photographs from a team of international contributors, the magazine takes its readers on a visual journey that inspires to take up the art of photography.

Showing yet again how photographs can tell a story, this magazine is well presented and covers the art form wonderfully.

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10thFeb 2011

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