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Many highly profile Facebook pages tend to be about specific campaigns and how they are integrated into the network. There are some amazing examples here. However, for most content marketing agencies, Facebook management for a brand is almost certainly a little bit more everyday. Content marketing agencies tend to be more focused on creating unique posts for the brand's wall as well as highlighting and linking to branded content posted on websites and blogs.

So where can content marketing agencies tasked with developing social media for brands in this way look for inspiration? Here are five pages, which range from a US consumer electronics giant through to a page of a local restaurant, that seem to have the medium cracked in terms of hosting compelling content that completely chimes with its online audience.

Samsung Mobile USA - Useful apps and proactive community management
Last year Samsung Mobile USA was the fastest growing Facebook page in the US. While some of this can be attributed to the success of its Galaxy S3 mobile, the 25 million users Samsung has accrued clearly have found much to keep them engaged on both the company wall and its various editorial driven apps. Quite often Facebook apps are online tumbleweed ignored by readers, but the user guides seem to have hit a chord with Samsung Mobile owners in their mix of useful information and subtle brand promotion. The wall might be a little overly salesy, but the way in which the team behind the page responds quickly to comments is very impressive.

Grey Poupon - Novel approach that makes a more everyday brand aspirational
Most brands are very keen for consumers to like their page and keep that process as simple as possible. US mustard maker Grey Poupon, which is owned by Kraft Foods, has taken a slightly different approach. It created an app which looks at a person's social standing on Facebook - number of friends, interaction and taste in music etc. - and then decides whether they can join its Facebook club. We assume that everyone is admitted in the end, and they will keep coming back to a wall page that is both intelligently written and at times very amusing. It is a great example of how an unlikely brand can prove to be a hit on the channel.

Gourmet Burger Kitchen - Excellent use of images combined with quirky posts
This is a British branded Facebook page that has grown very quickly and has excellent levels of engagement. It succeeds mainly because of the wall which features superb photographs and lots of quirky posts. There is a warmth and humour too which other brands could learn from. Food based brands have lots of opportunities on Facebook and GBK shows how to make the most of them.

Nikon - Strong tutorials complement user generated content
Photography brands are in something of a unique position on Facebook as they can not only parade their latest cameras but, if they are savvy, highlight images taken by consumers with those cameras. In some ways these images are the best testimonials for the cameras the brand has. Fujifilm UK is a good example of a British page that cleverly mixes product information with pictures taken by camera owners. On a larger stage, Nikon USA takes the concept a step further and has some superb image-driven tutorials which show users how to make the most of the cameras. Its levels of engagement are massively impressive as is the way it encourages and incorporates user interaction through the posting of user's images.

Worthing Wimpy - How small brands can run Facebook pages
Finally, on a much smaller scale, is the Facebook page from Wimpy restaurant in Worthing. It might not rival the bigger sites in terms of likes, but its homely, engaging wall was recently the talk of London's Social Media Week and has been held up as a great example of how smaller brands can use Facebook effectively. The posts are charming. They take followers behind the scenes, gently take the mickey out of the management and at the same show alluring images of their food. The end result is that the reader really wants to go and visit the place to join the community. The restaurant won Wimpy of the Year in 2013 and although the Facebook page might not have been the reason for the top spot, it certainly will have helped.

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2ndOct 2013

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