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Nearly two and a half years ago we published a round up of some of the best indie magazines. In that intervening time the sector has gone from strength to strength with a host of new titles and projects created by some very talented teams.

We have also seen new formats emerge, the arrival of Kickstarter, which has become a very useful source of funding for magazines, and some very creative designers and editors emerge.

You can keep up to date with all that is happening in the indie world in the excellent, and very influential Magculture blog from Jeremy Leslie.

Jeremy Leslie has said that he thinks that content marketing magazines can learn much from the indie sector, so with that in mind here are five magazines from small publishers that are worth taking a peek at.

Hot Rum Cow
Hot Rum Cow is a unique and ambitious magazine created by White Light Media, a publishing company that features long time content marketing expert Paul Keers. The magazine, which is published twice a year, focuses on the drinks industry, is beautifully designed and boasts some gorgeous illustrations. In some way it is to the drinks world what Fire and Knives became to the food publishing world. Highly recommended. There's an iPad app version too. Details here.

Freestyle Magazine
Magazines are appearing in some very odd sizes these days, but none more so than Freestyle Magazine which is a round publication designed to fit inside a frisbee! The mag, which is on its fourth issue, majors on art, design, photography, fashion, culture, music and of course frisbee throwing (it comes with a free one). The publishers say that part of the appeal of the mag to the creative community is that it offers designers and artists the chance to work in a format that they haven't experienced before. Details here.

Another Escape
This is a brand new magazine from Bristol which looks set to become a cult favorite. Published twice a year it is a little unusual in that the magazine is split into four sections - Inspiration, Exploration, Process and Response - and these are indicated by the colour-coded logos on the page edges. It has a beautifully understated design and boasts some very striking images. It covers a wide and esoteric range of topics too. Details here.

Huck Magazine
Another CMA member which has its own ongoing magazine is The Church of London. Huck has been around for quite a while now but the latest issue, which features among other things author Dave Eggers talking about what inspires him, a story about handcrafted skateboards and a round-up of indie publishing, is one of its best so far. The design and execution is as always first class. Details here.

The Blizzard
This is a fascinating, almost unique project that has been very successful from both a creative and a commercial standpoint. The Blizzard is a football magazine that is published in a number of formats including print. The interesting angle is that it is very much about the words with minimal images and graphics. In many ways it is almost like a book so not surprisingly it comes in a Kindle/smartphone friendly format. The other interesting thing about The Blizzard, apart from the content which is quirky, intelligent and very readable, is that offers a wide variety of subscription and purchasing options. Details here.

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4thJun 2013

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