Five recent content marketing case studies

After the excitement of the World Cup and all the content generated around this spectacular footballing event, brands are now beginning to ramp up for the Autumn period, especially in the US, with back to school and the forthcoming sports seasons both common themes.

Under Armour 

As part of a new content marketing initiative, Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton is starring in a series of YouTube videos by the sportswear retailer. The five episode series, entitled Huddle Up, focuses on Cam as he prepares for the next NFL season. Instead of mentioning the Under Armour brand, the videos focus on Cam’s personal battles, both on and off the field including ankle surgery and missing the NFC Championship game in last year play offs. However, you can see him wearing Under Armour products throughout the videos. Since the first video’s premiere on August 5th, it has been watched 180,000 times. 


The US mobile phone giant has all been over social media (YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Vine and Snapchat) recently with its SummerBreak storyline - about a group of teenagers as they spend their last summer together as they get ready for college life. 5 to 10 minute episodes have been posted on Tuesdays and Thursdays with a 20 minute episode going live every Sunday (the series ends August 20). AT&T has also used Snapchat extensively, garnering 44,500 followers by organically pushing its SummerBreakSnap element. Not bad considering AT&T had zero presence on the platform two months ago. You can see the YouTube videos here 


In a similar vein to the above, the computer company has hooked up with Defy Media to encourage teens and college kids to use its products when they head back to the classroom. Working with Defy’s musical duo, Kurt Hugo Schneider and Sam Tsui as well as pranksters SMOSH the company promotes its Venue 8 tablets in various forms including getting the SMOSH guys to use them on a San Francisco road trip. You can see the video here. Other integrations include a 30 second selfie ad before movies like Guardians of the Galaxy and Planet of the Apes as well as content marketing campaigns on Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter and Buzzfeed.


While content marketing has taken off on other social media networks, Instagram has generally proved more of a challenge for brands determining how it is best used. One of the most original uses so far comes from Russian marketing firm Instinct which has taken the IKEA catalogue and broken it down into 12 categories, such as Benches, Light, Storage, Textiles etc. Providing you are using a smartphone/web tablet, you can then tap on each of the categories to search for individually tagged products as separate posts within their Instagram

Honda Stage

And finally, it seems that Honda’s rumoured £50 million investment in its Honda Stage YouTube channel has so far failed to pay off, reports Marketing Magazine here. Designed to to attract younger car buyers, the US focused YouTube channel - which also integrates with other social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter - has attracted only around 50,000 views to date. Surprisingly just eight videos have been uploaded to the channel since it launched in June. The YouTube channel is supposed to host videos of exclusive performances, as well as news and artist interviews. You can see Honda Stage on YouTube here 

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14thAug 2014

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